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Choosing a puppy

Everyone always tells you to buy a puppy from a "reputable breeder". Sound advice, but how do you find one? How do you tell a reputable breeder from an unethical or irresponsible one?

I've collected a listing of questions that you should ask a breeder to help you determine if they are going to be a good source for your puppy. Remember, too, that the breeder is evaluating you , as well, and will undoubtedly ask you some questions .

There are some specific questions to ask when you adopt an older dog as well, to avoid any behavior problems.

And, finally, a wonderful description of an ethical breeder from a member of the Akita-L list, Dr. Sophia.

Choosing a puppy is hard - it's hard to look past those adorable faces and fuzzy little bodies and realize that you are making a decision that is going to last ten years or more, and you are responsible for their health and well-being. You have to make sure that you are getting a puppy that is going to be healthy, well-adjusted, and happy.

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