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Titulary what's this?
Nomen Amunirdisu
Manetho Amyrtaios
Alternate Names Amyrteus
Dates what's this?
von beckerath 405/401-399
Predecessor Artaxerxes II, by revolt
Successor Nepherites I, by revolt
Associated People
Burial Place

The 28th Dynasty is a strange one, containing only one king. I assume that the dynasty broke from the last because Amyrtaois was Libyan, ruling and attacking from Sais in Egypt, against a foreign government in Persia. He is responsible for the revolts in Egypt that overthrew Artaxerxes II ,and as a result ruled over an independent Egypt for a time.

Because of contemporary documentation, it ks known that Amyrtaois ruled over both Upper and Lower Egypt and, by extension, had driven the Persians entirely out of Egypt for a time.

His name is not recorded except in the Arameian writings fro the Jewish community in Elephantine, so there is little to know about his rule and what there is, is questioned closely.

This Amyrtaois is not the same one who revolted against the 26th Dynasty king Xerxes -- he is probably this king's grandfather.