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Dating Notes

Throughout this part of the site, I've tried to represent the different chronologies that I found in books, on the web, and in other sources. Frankly, no one seems to agree on a "standard timeline" for Egyptian Pharaohs and a number of idfferent -- often contradictory -- chronologies exist.

Each of the pages contains as many of these dates as I could find, listed under the "dates" heading and noted with the name of the source. Sometimes, web sources aren't annotated, but I've tried to figure out where they came from.

Note that I don't honestly know enough about Egyptology to know if one set of dates is more valid than another, or if a chronology that is published on the web is valid or not -- I've included them all when possible.

And, to admit to a strange, compulsive urge that I have to colelct information, I've collated all the dates that I could find into a single spreadsheet, if you are honestly interested. Yes, I probably need therapy.

One of the primary sources for that I have for dates and chronologies is the Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, and you'll find "oxford" referneced often in these pages for dates. It seems that many of the online chronologies follow the same dating conventions, so sometimes they are similiar.

Another reference that I have used is the Comprehensive List of Ancient Egyptian Kings that is edited by Peter A. Piccione. He is an egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Comparative Ancient History at the University of South Caroline. You can browe his webpage and class information here.




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