• Arbroath Arbroath A span of gothic windows along one end of the ruined church , but only a few
  • Arbroath Arbroath One last wall -- with uneven windows -- still standing in the church
  • Arbroath Arbroath Standing corner of the abby, once a tower
  • Arbroath Arbroath Series of arches in the choir
  • Arbroath Arbroath Arbroach castle (bishops palace) next to the church
  • Arbroatch Arbroatch faint signs of earlier arches on the interior wall
  • Arbroath Arbroath Elaborate arches in the church, with trefoils
  • Abroath Abroath Inside wall of the church, with part of the gallery
  • Abroath Abroath Storerooms and cellars
  • Arbroath Arbroath Elaborately painted wood screen, from the bishop's palace
  • Arbroath Arbroath Looking out over the (now gone) cloisters and gardens
  • Arbroath Arbroath The frame of the enormous rose window, and signs of other rooflines
  • Arbroath Arbroath Other buildings on the site - kitchens, workshops, storage
  • Arbroath Arbroath Original wall paintings, discovered under the plaster
  • Arbroath Arbroath Looking at the main walls and church from the west
  • Arbroath Arbroath Arches and supports from the nave of the church
  • Arbroath Arbroath Looking along the main aisle of the church (with foundations of columns)
  • Arbroath Arbroath Model of the abbey as it would have been in its heydey
  • Arbroath Arbroath Standing windows and nave
  • Arbroath Arbroath From the gardens and along the main axis of the church

H2 level heading

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