hall house
13th century
aka Dounarwyse

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NM 563 450
Isle of Mull
n. of Salen
23m NW of Oban
8m se of Tobermory
off A848
by ferry


open site
steep drops


Undiscovered Scotland


Aros Mains Castle

We made only a quick stop on the way to our B&B in Tobermorey, so it was getting quite late and the light wasn't the best, but somehow the gray-ish afternoon haze was just the right atmosphere to poke around the ruins.

Snails and other beasties

walking along the narrow path that winds around the hilltop

Undiscovered Scotland notes that the site is infested with Sheep Ticks (ugh!) so carefully check your clothes and yourself after tromping around in the tall grass and weeds.

As well, the entire hillside was covered in snails, which crunch in a most distressing manner when you step on them. I'm not a fan of snails, but it's hard to avoid them. Just don't think too much about it.

windows on the second story were most liikely in the private rooms

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