14th century


NJ 184 303
7.5m n or Tomintoul
n of B9136
at Drumin


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Crown Estate


Drumin Castle

the featureless remaining wall - well, ok, two teensy windows

14th century keep

A single thick wall, with only the traces of corners still stands from the 14th century keep at Drumin. THe castle is on the Glenlivet estate.

The keep is four storeys and surrounded by a courtyard wall. The interior of the castle is ruined. You can see the corbels for timber floors on the interrior walls, and the large window embrasures, but that's about it.

The tower measures 11.6m wide, with walls 2.7m thick. The length of the tower is really unknown, but 16.2m of the north wall exists, and this may be the total size of the building. The standing wall still has corbels for a parapet, although no stones exist of the wallwalk or roof.

looking at the north wall and corbels for the floor joists

Inside, the cellar is arched, and the top floor shows a large fireplace with a rolled surround. Other details are hard to see, and we weren't able to climb up to the fenced-in area of the castle, since thigns were all locked.


The castle was probably built by Alexander Stewart or his son in the 14th century. It was sold to the Gordon family, after it was forefeit after the rising in 1745.

The castle is the seat of the barony of Inveravon.

the walls are very thick at ground level

view of the rounded courtyard wall, probably a modern reconstruction