16th century
L-plan tower


ND 181 315
1.5m n of Dunbeath
w of A9


open site



Knockinnan Castle

A pile of rocks! That may have at one time been a castle! It has modern construction inside it, so I picked the picture that showed only the old stonework.

only a short wall remains

16th century L-plan

Only a fragment of wall remains visible of this L-plan tower house. It's possible that it was never actually finished by the Sinclairs in the 16th century.

The ruins have been the same since roughly 1726, sitting on a high, pear-shaped mound rraised only a few meters from the surrounding hill with straight sides. A ramp on the west for access may have been for use during construction only, or possibly meant as a direct entyr to the castle.

The tower stands in the middle of the mount, but only a few feet of walling remains. THere are foundations of other buildings on the hills, but the most noticeable part of the site is a modern concrete bunker.