L-plan tower
14th century


PA18 1AH
NS 216 764
1.5m sw of Gourock
Stirling Drive


private B&B


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Castle Levan

The castle is in the middle of a housing development -- tucked in with the patio homes and detached villas on the hillside. It's a private B&B -- we didn't stay here, but did snap a ew pictures of the interesting outside bits.

the restored tower house

14th century tower

Levan s an L-plan tower house, with three storeys and an attic, with a corbelled out paramet with opren rounts -- this is a very common layout for tower houses, giving defenders a good view of the walls.

The main tower dates from the 14th century, and was turned into an L-plan tower house with the addition of larger 16th century wing. The main block measures 8m x 6.3m with the wing measuring 10.6m x 7.9m THey are linked only by one corner (not truly l-shaped) with a stairwell tucked into that corner. The wing contains a kitchen with an enormous fireplace on the second storey.

Because the checkered corbelling on the upper wall matches on both towers, it ay be a later addition, or the masons building the wing addition carefully copied the original tower.

There were three entrances - two in the cellars and one at first floor level which was reached by an external stair. The kitchen is in the bsement, and two narrow stairways in the thickness of the walls, climb to the hall on the first floor. In the corner where the two tower meet, is a spiral stair giving access to the upper floors.


The castle was built by the Morton family, but by 1547 was sold to the Semples. The Stewarts of INverkip bought in 1649. At one time, it was on part of the Ardgowan Estates.

Early in this century, the tower wing ws crumbling, and the main entrnace was buried. It is currently restored and open as a luxury B&B.

the enlarged wingdows on the castle, above the entryway