Single Malt Distilleries

You can't visit Scotland and not sample the amazing array of whisky produced all over this wonderful country -- there is a style to suit every taste, from the 'drinking peat smoke' flavor of the Islay malts, to the delicate and sweet whiskys from the highlands.

There are xxx distilleries working in Scotland (a bunch of them are owned by giant conglomerates such as Diaego), and ther are thirty or so that are open to the public and offer tours and tastings. We didn't make it to that many (damn!) but we did visit quite a few and tasted whisky from a dozen more.

You could have a glass of a different "expression" -- that is, each different type of whisky in the distillers catalog, such as 12-year, 18-year, and 21-year and sherry casks vs Fine Oak) -- for each night for over two years without duplicating. The Quaitch Bar at the Craigallachie Hotel (where we stayed for the Speyside Whisky Festival) has over 700 different bottles of Scotch on hand.

Speyside Cooperage Glen Moray
Dallas Dhu Highland Park
Glenkinchie Macallan
The Glenlivet Oban

Technically, the Speyside Cooperage is not a distillery -- they produce and refurbish the casks used by most of the distilleries in the area, though. Absolutely fabulous tour, if you arrive at a time they are doing their 'Special Tour' - which involves an on-the-factory-floor tour by their master Cooper. Perfect! Possibly the best tour that we've taken anywhere.