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Adventure Girrr-rrr-l

It's a running joke, how I am not an 'outdoor person' and not sporty in the least, but when we go on vacation, suddenly I'm heading off into the wilderness, braving the elements. It's a rather bizarre, but it does give Mark plenty of opportunities to laugh at me.

We've trekked through several pastures, annoyed countless sheep, slogged up a wet hill and through a drainage ditch, all int he hopes of getting to the castle that we can see in the next field over. It's a rather interesting-looking pile, and we've tried to find any sort of road access, no go. The only way appears to be over the river and through the woods.

Literally. So, off we go, climbing fences and avoiding sheep poop.

Crisis Averted

And then we come to the fence. The one clearly marked 'Electric Fence'. We find the stile in the fence and Mark suggests that I clamber over. The electric fence.

Notice that Mark is the one with the camera, blithely suggesting that I, the short one, try this FIRST. I'm short - my inseam is what, 30"? The fence is taller than that. Initial inspection shows that the distance between the top of the stile and the top wire of the fence is...well, probably less than that. Espeically when you consider that I am the klutziest person I know.

pondering the intelligence of trying to step over an electric fence

I can see just what's going to happen here, can you?

I am going to step up on the stile, attempt to swing one leg over while holding on to the top of the fence post, I'm going to slip and zap myself in the hoo-ha on the top wire of the fench and then get stuck as I try to fling myself off to one side or the other, getting zapped the whole time, while my adorable, caring husband snaps a dozen pictures or a funny video for youTube and laughs his ass off and possible wets himself.

When he calms down enough tos top laughing, then, and only then, would he rescue me from my precarious position, hanging from the fence wire. Yup. It's clear as day in my head. I have no illusions as to my ability to gracefully hop over the fence and avoid serious injury to my delicate bits.

Yeah, Adventure Grrrl's alter ego, Klutz Woman, would make a dramatic entrance. I quite intelligently decided that retreat was a much better choice. (Well, after trying in vain to convince Mark to try climbing over). No castle on this particular jaunt, but no one got hurt, either.