German Chickens and more!

the enormous german chicken "wearing pants' - we're odd, I know

Chickens in Pants

This chicken is how I know that Mark and I share a single brain. We've been married too long, or developed some sort of weird, co-dependent we drive by the little fenced yard containing a bunch of chickens, we saw this handsome fellow (and he's HUGE).

We looked at each other, and--completely unplanned--said the same thing: "why is that chicken wearing pants?" Followed by paroxysms of laiughter. On our way back down the coast, we actually stopped in and talked to the owners of the house about the chickens.

He's a german rooster, raised from eggs they bought on eBay, and keeps company with a dozen other rare breed chickens (including some weird-looking fluffy ones) a bunch of ducks and a goose or two.

I'm sure there is now a family in Scotland that is absolutely sure they net two crazy tourists who tried to explain why they were laughing like idiots, and why they had stopped to take pictures of chickens. We did sound a wee bit insane, I'm afraid. Lovely family, though, and they pointed us down the road to the beaches nearby, and we saw seals, too.

he does look liike he's wearing overalls.

I think that he is a Brahma cockerel, or possibly a Cochin but I'm not sure. They said the eggs were from Germany, though.

It makes me want to have chickens, It really does.