Where? Really?

yes, this was where our satnav wanted us to go.

Turn left at the cow

First - I must sing the praises of the satnav/GPS that I brought to Scotland (a Garmin Nuvi with all the european maps). It is FABULOUS. No doubt the best 100 bucks I've spent on a trip in a very long time.

Type in a postcode, or an OS Grid reference and it plotted out a course on the teensy little roads that criss-cross scotland, delivering us directly to the location we were looking for.

Well, most of the time, it did. Sometimes, it seemed to decide that we needed a little bit of adventure, and would suddenly route us down a gravel road, through someone's farm yard, and then tell us to turn left at a non-existent road. Or drive us between a couple of cow sheds, over a cow grate and...well, you can see the result above. The road, Mark was sure, actually went through like it was suposed to, but we balked at driving through a PASTURE on a pair of rutted tractor tracks.

We actually considered dirivng through. For a few seconds, anyway.