nr. Falls of Clyde




Ha-ha Paths

yes, it really is called a ha-ha path. I have no idea why

A ha-ha is usually the term used to refer to a garden wall that is wall on one side, with a low ditch sloping down to the base of the wall, a 'hidden" wall in a ditch. It was apparently to allow sheep to graze and keep the grass short, but keep them hemmed in by the wall.

The path here is really just a sunken path on the edge of a field, a narrow dirt pathway sided by a slope on one side and a stone wall on the other. I have on idea what the etymology of the term is, though.

We followed the path as part of our walk to see the Falls of Clyde.

beautiful day, beautiful walk...

the stone wall on one side and grass on the other makes this a ha-ha path