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Undiscovered Scotland
Lyne Roman Fort
Lyne Heritage



Iron Age or Roman?

From the map, this could be either Castle Hill 'fort', or Law Hill. I'm leaning towards Castle Hill, but i can't really find much else about it. The map just has the rather unmeaningful "fort" on it.

I don't think this is Lyne Fort -- the descrption says that there are woods on the site and this is defnitely up th hill, but I can possibly see the outline of the fort based on this aerial view, from the other side. Am I imagining things? I simpy can't get a good feel for this. The general location is right, though.

the faint outline of a cicular fort on the road from Peebles

Dawn or Dusk

We drove on the road to Peebles sevearl times during our stay, but we only saw this faint scar of a hill fort in th elater afternoon when the sun was just right. I couldn't convince Mark to try to hike up there (and in any case, this sort of fort is rather difficult to see 'up close' - just a few hills without any real coherence.

This looks like a ring fort, or possibly the motte of a long-gone fortress...but I really can't tell. It's in an odd position for a castle motte (and I have no reference that says a caslte is nearby), but there are a lot of roman ruins and forts nearby, I have to assume that this the faint shadow of a roman -- or earlier -- fort. Does anyone know?

We tried to figure out how to get higher and get a better angle on it, and briefly wished we had our own helicoper (wouldn't that be fun?). As it was, Mark clambered up the hillside, over a barbed-wire fence and into a field by the side of he road to try to get this photo. It turned out rather nicely, but i can' help but wish for a birds-eye view.