p h o u k a   h o m e i r i s h   l e s s o n s   h o m e







YIII. — Combinations of Consonants.

Some combinations of consonants give rise to new simple sounds. In tlú the t is a lateral burst of breath against the jaws. In its aspirated form thlú the th disappears as a separate sound, but the voiced l is converted into its corresponding breath sound, the fine sound of which the Welsh are so proud. A breath form of n is heard from some speakers in words beginning with sn or tn when the s or t is aspirated, In like manner it will be observed that dl, cl, gl, and sometimes tn, dn, cn, gn, , give rise to new sounds. In the case of the last four the best speakers, however, pronounce the first consonant in the ordinary way, inserting a short vowel sound between it and the n.

When two hard palate consonants come together, the softer of the two is often the only one heard. Thus in dl and ln the l only is heard, while In dn and sometimes in nd the n only is heard.



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Irish phonetics - Rev. M. O'Flanagan - 1904