p h o u k a   h o m e i r i s h   l e s s o n s   h o m e







IX. — Eclipsis.

The phenomenon known as eclipsis is governed by the following laws : —

1. The mute or breath consonants are eclipsed bytheir corresponding voice consonants :— c by g, t by d, p by b and f by bh.

Aspirated letters cannot be eclipsed inasmuch as no word in Irish, when standing apart, begins with an aspirated letter. S broad or slender cannot be eclipsed, because its corresponding voice sounds do not exist in Irish.

2. The voice consonants are eclipsed by their corresponding nasal sounds : —g by ng, d by n, and b by m.

The nasal consonants themselves are not eclipsed. Neither is l nor r




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Irish phonetics - Rev. M. O'Flanagan - 1904