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Verbs are regular and irregular

The following example of the conjugation of a regular verb is taken from O'Brien, correct ed by O'Reilly, and approved by Scurry, &c. It will be unnecessary to exhibit the English, except in the manner already adopted.

meall deceive -- Active voice.

Imperative Mood

Modern Mode  
  meallaḋ sinn
meall, deceive thou meallaḋ siḃ
meallaḋ se, let him decieve meallaḋ siad
Antient Mode  
  meallam, meallamaoid, meallamais
meall meallaiḋe
meallaḋ meallaidís, meallaid

Indiciative Present Tense

Modern Mode —meallaim I deceive, meallann tu, etc
Antient Mode  
meallaim meallaimar, meallamoid
meallair meallaḃar, meallṫaoi
meallaiḋse meallaid

Past Tense

In this tense, and in the potential mood, the particle do is generally expressed before the verb; and always so if the initial letter by f, or a vowel.

Modern Mode - ṁeall me, I deceived, ṁeall tu, etc
Antient Mode  
ṁeallas ṁeallamar, ṁeallam
ṁeallais ṁeallaḃar
ṁeall ṁealladar, ṁeallaid

Future Tense

Modern Mode— meallfaḋ me, I will deceive, meallfaḋ tu, etc
Antient Mode  
meallfad meallfam, meallfamar, meallfamaoid
meallfair meallaḃar, meallfaiḋe
meallfaiḋ meallfaid.

Potential Mood

Modern Mode - ṁeallfainn, I would deceive, ṁeallfaḋ tu, etc
Antient Mode  
ṁeallfainn ṁeallfaḋmaois
ṁeallfaḋ ṁeallfaiḋe
ṁeallfaḋ se ṁeallfaidís

Conditional Mood

Eclipse the initial letter, if it be one capable of it. da meallfain, if I would deceive, etc, as in the Potential Mode.

Consuetudinal Mood

Present tense

Same in both modes. Meallaim, or meallann me, I usually deceive, meallann tu, etc.

Past Tense

ṁeallain, I used to deceive ṁeallamaois
ṁeallta ṁeallaoiḋe
ṁeallaḋ ṁealladois

Infinitive Mood and Participles

The same in modern and antient modes.

  do, or a ṁeallad to deceive
Present. ag meallaḋ deceiving
Past. iar meallad having deceived
Future ar ti meallaḋ about to deceive

The initials of the infinitive moode and the past participles are always aspiarated, but the latter may also be eclipsed, instead of aspirated.

The relatives are ṁeallas that deceives, ṁeall, that deceived; ṁeallfas, that will deceive; ṁeallaḋ, that used to deceive (see General Rule 5)










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