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Chapter 2 - Nouns

§15. — Irregular Nouns

Dia, god; , a day; bean, a wman; , a cow; , a mnth; caora, a sheep; cró, a hovel; brú, or broinn, a womb; ceo, a fog; cré, clay, are quite irregular, and are declined as follows:

Dia m., God    
Singular   Plural  
Nom. Dia Nom. Dée, déiṫe
Gen. Gen. Dia, Déiṫeaḋ
Dat. Dia Dat. Déiḃ, Déiṫiḃ
Voc. Dé, Dia Voc. Dée, Déiṫe
m., a day    
Nom. Nom. laeṫe, láiṫe, laeṫeanta
Gen. lae Gen. leaṫeaḋ, lá
Dat. lá, ló Dat. laeṫiḃ, láiṫiḃ
Voc. lá, lae Voc. laeṫe, láiṫe
Bean f., a woman    
Nom. bean Nom. mná
Gen. mná Gen. ban
Dat. mnaoi Dat. mnáiḃ
Voc. bean Voc. mná
f., a cow    
Nom. Nom ba
Gen. Gen.
Dat. buin Dat. buaiḃ
Voc. Voc.
f., a month    
Nom. Nom. míosa
Gen. míosa, mís Gen. míos
Dat. mís, mí Dat. míosaiḃ
Voc. Voc. míosa
Caora f., a sheep    
Nom. caora Nom. caoiriġ
Gen. caoraċ Gen. caoraċ
Dat. caora Dat. caorċaiḃ
Voc. caora Voc. caorċa
Cró m., a hut    
Nom. cró No. craiṫe, cróiṫe
Gen. cró Gen. cró
Dat. cró Dat. craoiṫiḃ, cróiṫiḃ
Voc cró Voc. craoiṫe
Brú f., the womb    
Nom. brú Nom bronna
Gen. bruinne, bronn Gen. bronn
Dat. broinn Dat. bronnaiḃ
Voc. brú Voc. bronna

Ceo, a fog, makes ceoiġ and ciaċ inthe genetive singular. Cré, f., clay, in the singular is declined thus:

Nom. cré    
Gen. criaḋ    
Dat. cré    
Voc. cré    

It would be well for the learner to practise himself in affixing the article to nouns. The changes and eclipses which are caused by the article have been stated in §8. We give a few nouns here illustrative of the rules:—

an t-aṫair the father an t-asal the ass
an t-easbog the bishop an fear the man
an óiġ the virgin an mac the son
an eala the swan an ḃean the woman
an ġeug the branch an sliaḃ the mountains
an sagart the priest an t-súil the eye
an sionnaċ thefox an t-slat the rod
an t-aingeal the angel    

The gender of these nouuns can be easily known by observing the influence of the article upon them.





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