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Phouka Home

Things we definitely want in the kitchen

  • A hole in the countertop for aluminum pop cans, leading to a bag/bucket undercounter for can recycling.
  • A knife slot at the back of the countertop near the stove-worksurface
  • A wineglass rack
  • Granite slab countertops
  • Wall mount faucet, or 'antique-styled' faucet. Two handles, single faucet
  • "Furniture-like" cabinets, an unfitted look with multiple colors and/or styles, possibly an antique painted finish with one or two cherry cabinets.
  • Some glass front cabinets
  • Cabinets rising nearly to ceiling height
  • Bookshelf for cookbooks
  • Uplighting on top of cabinets
  • Wine rack - for at least a few bottles
  • Pot rack
  • Tilt-out bin for 40# of dogfood
  • Tall storage space for cookie sheets and baking sheets, near stove
  • Base cabinets with pull-out shelves and drawers, few fixed shelf cabinets
  • Shallow upper cabinets
  • Halogen strip undercabinet lighting
  • Outside venting
  • Inset door style
  • "feet" on base cabinets - architectural details
  • Crown molding on cabinets, pilasters underneath
  • Latch-type closure for upper cabints - old Hoosier-type latches
  • Apron-style sink
  • Recipes painted on walls
  • Plate rack over sink
  • Little spice drawers
  • Lots of counterspace
  • Reproduction stove - 6 burners
  • Hot water dispenser in sink
  • Multi-level countertops
  • Bulletproof flooring

Don't want:

  • Appliances garages
  • Lazy-susan corner cabinets
  • Telephone in kitchen
  • Eat in kitchen
  • Open shelving
  • Island (it wouldn't fit, anyways!)
  • Integral backsplash
  • Glossy, lacquer like finish on wood cabinets
  • Flourescent lighting
  • Wood floors with gaps
  • Beadboard inset on cabinet doors

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