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Tool for Renovating

You've bought the house, you've resigned yourself to living in a complete disaster for the next several months.

What do you need?

Must Have's

  • Duct Tape -- remember that the universe itself is held together with duct tape.
  • Leather gloves - don't skimp on these. Elk or moose hide seem to last my husband the longest, but with smaller hands you might want to opt for deer hide. These seem to last longer than even the toughest cow-leather.

Absolutely Essential Tools

  • Complete set of screwdrivers -- Phillips (cross) head and flat head.
  • Hammer -- a standard framing hammer
  • Saw that will cut miters, i.e. a back saw and miter box, or a spiffy power model.
  • One half inch drill with bits
  • Ten inch adjustable wrench
  • Medium sized multiple joint pliers, channel locks
  • Locking grip pliers
  • Two pound sledgehammer for demolition and driving stakes
  • Flexible putty knives, one with 1 1/2" blade, one with 4" for puttying, not scraping paint or wood!
  • Wood chisel, one with a ½" blade, one with a 1" blade.
  • Combination square with angle finder, a 12" rule with a moveable head
  • Carpenters 2-4' level
  • Ladder, high enough to reach the ceiling easily. Don't skimp on this, either!
  • Flat pry bar, to remove casings
  • Nail punch set, to countersink nails
  • Electric circuit tester
  • Workbench and vise
  • 10-foot Steel Measuring tape
  • Fire extinguisher, small ABC type (or two or three)
  • Heavy duty extension cords
  • Safety goggles

Important Tools, but not essential

  • Circular or radial arm saw
  • Jigsaw or SAber saw
  • Belt sander
  • Portable trouble light
  • Rockwell block sander
  • Large framing square
  • Set of box and open ended wrenches
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Bull nosed pliers
  • Attachments for drill--wire cup brush, hole saws, countersink, wood boring bits
  • Propane torch--small, inexpensive
  • Complete set of pry bars
  • Complete set of wood chisels, 1/4". 3/4", 1", 1 1/2".
  • Complete set of hammers
  • Sharpening stone
  • Staple tacker, staple gun
  • Utility knife
  • Flat bastard/rattail file
  • Small stepladder
  • Plumb line
  • Chalk line
  • 100-foot steel measuring tape
  • Block plane, essential for rehanging or adjusting doors or windows.
  • Nail pouch or tool belt

Nice to Have

  • Nail puller
  • Bolt cutters
  • Air compressor, if you are doing major construction work
  • Airless paint sprayer, can be rented
  • Mini side grinder, to scrape paint, and buff metals.
  • Yankee drill, a push type drill

Things to save... you will need them later!

  • Rags, cloths, especially cotton
  • Coffee cans
  • Frozen juice cans
  • Newspapers
  • Old toothbrushes
  • Tin cans
  • Jars
  • Old paint brushes, old flatware, old bowls and sponges
  • Blocks and scraps of wood
  • Old sheets for drop cloths

Other Useful Stuff

  • Single edge razor blades, razor scrapers
  • Cheap putty knives, for paint scraping
  • Cheap paint brushes for varnish, remover, etc
  • Wire brushes for cleaning metals
  • Caulking compound
  • Silver duct tape
  • Pencils and paper
  • Sheet plastic for drop cloths
  • Lacquer thinner for removing gunk
  • Penetrating oil, for stuck screws

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