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Travelogue, Day 29

I am ALWAYs travelling with Mark. He has the best travel karma EVER.

Returning the car, we reported the missing hubcap and were assured that it happened all the time. Ireland requires full insurance coverage for all rentals cars, and it was definitely worth it. We were pretty careful, but I’m sure we scratched things up a bit and dinged the paint a few times while barrelling along on those rural roads.

When we arrived in London, we had to run our way through customs and as we tried to figure out where we needed to go, stopped to asked a uniformed British Airways person to direct us. He was incredibly helpful….and "involuntarily upgraded" us, because the flight was full. He didn't have to -- he didn't even look like a gate agent, but he logged in and got us business class seats for the long flight back to Denver.

It's Mark's travel juju. I know it it. We had bought their 'economy plus' seats, just to get more leg room, but this is the third time we've been upgraded when I travel with The Amazing Travel Husband. It's definitely not me--on an overbooked flight, if it was just me, I'd end up in the cargo hold or flying some alterate route that required fourteen plane changes and a bus ride in Romania. With chickens.

But no, Mark gets upgraded fairly regularly, probably because he's a really big guy and British Airways rocks. So the flight was much more comforable, stretched out in the personal "pods" with video and the ability to lay down and sleep. Aaah.

Then again, I'm usually so tired on the way home from these trips that I could sleep sitting upgright in a coach seat without a problem. If only he would shift his juju to get upgraded on the way TO our vacation…. He'll have to work on that!

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