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Scotland has hundreds of ruined monasteries, abbeys, priories, friaries. Whatever you call them, these religious establishments housed lay brothers and clergy living separated from the rest of "the world"

Add to the roster of monastic installation all of the parish churches, chapels, and cathedrals scattered over the country (I have a book listing over a 1000 churches to visit) and you could easily make a trip out of seeing nothng but religious ruins.

Abbeys and Churches in Scotland

Abroath Abbey Fortrose Cathedral
Beauly Priory Glenluce Abbey
Brechin Cathedral Holyrood Abbey
Crossraguel Abbey Iona Abbey
Culross Abbey Iona Nunnery
Dornoch Cathedral Jedburgh Abbey
Dryburgh Abbey Kelso Abbey
Dundrennan Abbey Kilwinning Abbey
Dunfermline Abbey Melrose Abbey
Dunkeld Cathedral Rosslyn Chapel
Dunstaffnage Chapel Seton Collegiate Church
Elgin Cathedral St Magnus Cathedral
Fearn Priory Sweetheart Abbey
  Whitthorn Priory

The biggies, of course, are the Border Abbeys -- Melrose, Jedburgh, Dryburgh (and Kelso), but some of the others are beautiful. I particularly like Abroath and St. Magnus Cathedral

There are abbey ruins from many of the major monastic orders -- Fransciscan, Benedictine, CIcstercian, and a few smaller ones. It is interesting to see the differences in the layout of the buidlings and their design between the orders: tall towers vs squat towers, plain vs ornate. After awhile, it's possible to figure out which sect built the place just by the blueprint and remaining ruins.

Another good resource is the Abbey Explorer's Guide, a great reference book about the bits and bobs that make up a monastic site.