L-plan tower
16th century

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NJ 548 073
5.5m n of Aboyne
n of B9119
nr Corse House


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Corse Castle

We drove by twice in each direction before we saw this castle...obivously, we're blind.

we nearly missed this one entirely - drove past three times!

16th century tower

The original tower here was an L-plan tower - square tower with a square stair tower off one corner, but a round tower (now mostly gone) was added to the other corner, making it a rathre lopsided z-plan tower. A lintel is dated 1581.

The round tower contains a staircase and was topped with a caphouse. Most of the interior walls have fallen, so it is hrad to see the shape of the itnerior rooms, but the exterior walls al lhave shot-holes and small windows.

The main block of the castle is 11.2m x 6.8m, with a 5.7m x 4.4m wing. THe round tower is 4.2m in diameter, but only the foundations remain. The ground floor has cellars and a kitchen with a large fireplace, and the mian part of the castle housed the hall on the first storey, with living quarters above, including a small room in the NW tower. The corners have corbelled out bartizans.

one of the corbelled-out corners of the main tower


The lands belonged to Patrick Forbes in 1476, and it passed to the Forbes family, with William Forbes (his brother) building the castle.

The castle was abandoned in the 19th century, with the family moving to the nearby mansion, built in 1860.

the original l-plan of the tower - the round tower is missing.

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