L-plan tower
16th century
aka Horsebrugh

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NT 285 391
2m s of Peebles
off A72
n of Tweed River



Clan Maxwell


Horseburgh Castle

We hopped a few fences, walked out over a few fields, dodged sheep, and hiked up the hill to see this stout tower. We spied it the first day we had in Scotland, on our way to Traquair House, but we didn't stop until very nearly the end of the trip. Horsebugh is one of the string of towers, about a mile apart, along the road in Peebleshire.

only two stories remain of the tower

16th Century Tower

The tower here is very ruined, but was a small, L-plan tower house, built in the 16th century, THe tower overlooks the north bank of the Tweed River. The hill appears to be a natural one, with perhaps a slightly mounded motte at the top.

The remaining walls are 6m high, of a main block that was roughly square - 9.4m x 9.3m -- although most of the east wall is gone. A stair turrent projects from the north wall. A few rough window openings remain, but the ruin is nearly featureless otherwise.

the inside of the csatle is featureless, with only a bit of the l-plan visible


The lands here belonged to the Horseburghs since the 13th century.

looking up the hill at the little tower

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