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NT 648 392
5m e of Earlston
w of A6089


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Mellerstain House

This time, we made it in time to get inside...if the house had been open at all. The opening times in late spring alternate days, apaprently, and we once again missed being able to go inside. Not that you, kind reader, would know that -- no pictures allowed inside, as usual.

old and new blend at the massive Mellerstain House

18th century mansion

The enormous mansion here -- rated one of the best stately homes in the UK -- is built on the site of an older castle.

The mansion was designed and built by William and Rober Adams. Strangely, the wings were completed first, in 1725, while the main part of the house wasn't finished for almost 50 years. It may be the only remaining complete building designed by Robert Adams.

The house is blocky, symmetrical, and decorated in a faux-castle style with crenelations. One of the huge draws here are the gardens designed by Reginald Blomfield, and two hundred acres of parkland. Inside, the plasterwork is -- as is to be expected in an Adams interior -- gorgoeus and detailed.

looking at the main house (with fountain) from the gravel drive


The lands originally were granted to the de Hatiley family in the 12th century. Mellerstain was given to the Halyburton family in 1451 by James II. By the end of the 15th cnetury, they were owned by the Haittie family, who held the lands until 1640.

In short order, the estate went to the Edmonstones, then the Baillies only two years later. The Baillies were ruined financially by the Restoration (although reinstated when William and Mary took the throne).

The current house was built for George Baillie of Jerviswood and his wife. It is owned today by the Baillie-Hamiltons, the Earls of Haddington, and is open occassionally for visitors.

a view of the wholehouse - we had to back up quite a bit to make it fit

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