tower house
15th century
aka Castle of Moy,

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NM 616 247
10m s of Craignure
6m sw of A849
Isle of Mull


privately owned
under construction


Moy Site
Clan MacLean
Mull Historical Society


Moy Castle

The single-track roadfrom Strathcoil around Loch Buie is a hoot -- be prepared for some tricky maneuvering if you happen to come upon someone going the other way -- and the castle itself is a walk along the beach and past the newer mansion. You can park along the beach, near the vacation homes.

yet another castle under wraps for restoration

15th century tower house

The castle sits on the seashore, overlooking the rocky beach on the Isle of Mull. When we arrived, it was entirely encased in scaffolding -- being restored by the Mull Historical and Archaeoloigical Society .and the currnent owner (Jim Corbett) - I think as a private residence.

The tower is three storeys, and has an attic and open rounds on two corners. There is a square caphouse over the stair in the other corner. THe castle was harled (and it's likely that the restoration work will re-harl the castle as part of the work.) It is square - 10.7m x 10.7m with very thick walls that have long straight staircases within them. There is no circular staircase here except a short stretch to the upper floor.

A vaulted basement is entered from the ground floor, with a hall above, and private rooms above that (a familiar plan). THere were no fireplaces in the upper floors, though one was added much later.

looking out from the castle to the rocky beach

The ground floor has a rock-cut well, which is filled with fresh water -- it is above ground level, and the note from the Moy Castle site note that the source of the water is unknown.

There are traces of an oval courtyard wall surrounding the castle, and a cleared area of the rocky beach where boats could be pulled up. On the landward side, a shallow ditch protects the tower.


The lands were owned by the MacDonald (Lords of the Isles) in 1360, and sold to the MacLaines. The current castle was probably built by Hector, the brother of Lachlan MacLean of Duart around 1494.

The castle was abandoned by the family in 1752, and it was finally sold by the Maclaines in the 20th century.

Moy castle from the landward side

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