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Port Glasgow
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Port Glasgow


Newark Castle

There are dozens of Newark castles -- it just means 'new work", so a lot of areas that had an "old" castle abandoned it and built a "new" one. The last surviing shipyards in the port are nearby.

like many historic scotland sites, Newark is under construction

15th century castle

The castle is tucked back between warehouses and office buildings, right along the shore of Port Glasgow.

The core of the castle is a square 15th century tower, which was extended in the 16th century to include a large gatehouse and residence block, making a rough u-shape. The tower is four stories -- although the top storey was a later addition that heightened the parapet wall to enclose the space. Each floor of the tower is reached via a spiral stair in one corner.

The 16th century block containing the gatehouse is three storeys and has controls access to the courtyard (well, it did when there were four actual walls) through a rounded gate. A guardroom on the first floor controls access, and a spiral stair leads to the upper floors from the ground level. The main block is 14.2m x8m wide.

the newer wing of the castle / corbelled, round stair tower

The residence wing, also dating form the 16th century is more decorative then defensive, with round bartizans on the corners and cap-roofed towers. A vaulted cellar contains the kitchens, with a small hall above.This part of the building is dated 1597.

One of the most interesting rooms in the castle is a 16th century bedchamber, which still has its wooden closets and other fittings. The bed is a medieval version of a murphy bed - it folds up into a cabinet. The ceilings are painted, and the original fixtures are stil in place. It seems to be a comforatble (albeit small) room.

the original 16th century panelling and cupboards in a small bedchamber

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