16th century

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OS Grid NJ 18 30
nr. Minmore


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Glenlivet Estate


Bridge of Livet

This delicate-looking span is also called "The Packhorse Bridge". Only a fragment remains, and while it is possible to walk across the bridge, it is not a good idea -- it can be dangerous and will damage the bridge.

the "packhorse bridge' over the livet water

Glenlivet Packhorse Bridge

This bridge lies on the Glenlivet estate, and was originally a three-span bridge across the water here. It was built in the 16th century and has some association with Blairfindy castle. Two arches remain, the third was washed away in floods in 1829 and never repaired.

A "packhorse bridge" is a narrow bridge ("one horse wide") meant to allow the passage of heavily laden packhorses across water. THe sides of the bridge were very low to allow the load the horse carried to clear the sides of the bridge. While this bridge no longer has any 'sides', the gentle slope an width of the bridge certainly support this idea.

Two arches remain, the third destroyed by flood

the spans are nearly devoured by the greenery - beautiful in srping!

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