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If you're read any of the other travelogues, you realize that I really, really don't like to fly. Oh, I can do it - it's not like i"m freaking out and need to be sedated or anything, but I really don't like the whole experience. It's even worse after 9/11 and the 'security theater" that goes on in most airports. I hate schlepping through airports, standing in lines, and in general going through the transformation from human being to air passenger. Add in the new rules about paying for checked bags, and flying is getting less and less comfortable. Two hundred people attempting to carry on all their oversized luggage, reclining their seats to the utmost the moment the plane takes off, so you can stare at the top of their head the whole way...I start to hate humanity in general when on a plane.

Oh, it's not fair, I know. Most people are pleasant and helpful and nice, and we're all in it together so we try to get along. But I truly do wish I could fly FIrst Class everywhere. Sigh.

British Airways flies non-stop to London from Denver, which is how we prefer to fly. Well, I say we prefer it, but in reality, I think it makes the flight too long. I want to get OFF the plane six hours into the flight. I don't care where we are...I have no idea how peopel fly to Asia or Australia -- 20 hours in a plane? I had better be unconscious!

Mark, of course, loves to fly. He falls asleep a half-second after we pull away from the gate and snores the whole way. I can't sleep on planes. Oh, I can doze a bit, i can close my eyes, but it's not sleep and it's certainly not refreshing. On at least one occassion in the past, Mark has drugged me with Benadryl so I can nod off and try to sleep a little bit. That may be a good plan for this trip, too.

We're flying from Denver to London, and then on from London to Dublin on British Airways. THere are, of course, hundreds of other options. ONce again, we're renting a car via Auto Europe, and I've done everything possible to get a large enough car for Mark -- even if I rent a full-size car (which I have) he simply doesn't fit in many of the makes of cars in Ireland (no Vauxhall, Fiat, Saab, Volvo, etc for us). Note also that it is REQUIRED that you buy full insurance coverage for your rental car in Ireland (which, as we learned, is critical) and that your credit card probably doesn't cover insurance for you. Check carefully.

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