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The tower has been repaired many times
The tower itself has been ruined and restored many times

Unfortunately, we arrived too late at the castle to go inside. We were on our way to our hotel for the night and realized it would take us right by the castle, so we popped in for a few minutes to get some pictures and find a restroom. The first was easier than the latter, I assure you! THey closed the visitor's center promptly at 5:00 (a little early, actually) and we could only take a quick peek.

The castle has been featured in many movies because of its fabulous location.

Yet another view
Yet another view of this very photographic castle

The castle with the tide out
With the tide out, the castle sits on a rocky islet

Eilean Donan
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Eilean Donan
8 miles east of Kyle of Lochalsh
South of Dornie
On A87
North side of Loch Duich

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