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Tidebreaks near North Berwick
Mark standing on one of the huge tidebreaks near North Berwick

We were driving up the coast near Dirleton and North Berwick when we saw these concrete blocks lining the beach. Since we didn't have the foggiest idea what they were (tidebreaks?) we stopped and had to wander out to look. They are pretty big -- that's Mark standing on top of one -- and line probably a mile of the coastline? Any ideas?

Tons of tiny snails all over the rocky beach

These are snails -- hundreds upon hundreds of tiny little snails sticking to the rocks on the shore. You could barely walk without squishing a few, and they covered nearly every crevice and stone. I wouldn't walk barefoot around here.

STone bridge
A small stone arched bridge near the coast

Another view of the stone bridges that line the coast.

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Near North Berwick
Off A198

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