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Sign to Lost Glen
The elusive sign to Lost

The second day we were in Scotland, we found a postcard at one of the shops that had a roadsign on it that just said 'LOST'. We laughed that we were spending a lot of time there. We looked through the road atlas to find it, so we could say we'd been there, but no luck.

We didn't think much of it until we were driving through the small town of Strathdon. We had been talking about the fact that each town seemed to have this huge monument to the soldiers lost in World War I, but often only a tiny addendum to the monument for those from World War II. Anyway, Strathdon had a tall stone monument set in a little traffic triangle. Mark made an abrupt turn to circle round and look at the names. He can't make a complete circle, and stops to back up and try again. I look up from the map, and there it is.

Mark and Robin in Lost
Mark and Robin, Lost in Scotland

I screamed, and waved my arms hysterically and we got out of the car and rushed across the road to see the sign! Wow! Here we are inthe drizzle, dancing around a traffic circle in the middle of Scotland taking pictures. How cool. We got in the car and drove down the road indicated by the sign, figuring that we'd find and take pictures of the actual place. The road, already a single track, got narrower, then sprouted grass between the two tire tracks,a nd then disappeared altogether. It ended in a gate to what appears to be a cow pasture. Hmmm. We backed out. Lost is simply Lost Glen, and I can't believe we actually found it.

The picture below is one of my favorites from the whole trip!

Hopelessly Lost
Robin, hopelessly lost

l o c a t i o n
Lost Glen

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