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An impressive peacock
One of the many impressive peacocks on the grounds of Scone

The palace was crowded with people, and was one of those red-velvet-rope kinds of places. Lots of replicas of important state stuff (a copy of the crown jewels, a replica of the stone of scone, etc). It was nice, but certainly not worth the 7.50 apiece it took to get in. We were much more interested in the peacocks that wandered the grounds.

A large and very noisy peacock

I don't think that I've ever seen peacocks this close before -- and there are dozens of them screeching and howling. They sound like crying children or screaming women. I can't imagine living nearby.

Peacock wooing peahen
The peahen is totally uninterested in this showy peacock

The peahens are quite uninterested in the peacocks, of course. I didn't realize that when they fan their feathers out, they also make noise -- like ruffling sounds, and back towards the peahens trying desparately to impress them.

There were a few albino peacocks, too, and we (along with every other tourist in the area) tried to get them to fan out their tails. No luck. We obviously weren't as attractive as the peahens.

Albino peacock
One of the many albino peacocks on the grounds

Scone Palace
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Scone Palace
2 miles northeast of Perth

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