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Book I



How to use this phrase book

To obtain the full benefit out of the system adopted in this book the learner must get off by heart the phrases, starting at the first dialogue, and committing it to memory so that it can be repeated right through without the assistance of the book. Each of the succeeding dialogues should be acquired in the same manner. This is essential, as the diloagues have been so framed as to include almost all the necessary constructions used in ordinary conversation.

The learner will find, after he has mastered the dialogues as directed, that by splitting up the phrases and sentences, re-grouping them, and inserting different words ehre adn there, he will be able to express allmost any idea in ordinary conversation out of the material he has acquired. For instance: "Tá ocras orm" can b3e changed to express the sensation of thirst, fear, etc, by deleting the word ocras and substituting "tart", "eagla", et, and so on.

The phrases must first be learned singly, and in the case of long sentences, as marked off in periods. They must be repated aloud over and over again until they can be pronounced fluently. WHen so acquired they must be run together and spoken off without stop or hesitation, just as one would speak a similir phrase or sentence in English. At thes ame timethe phrase must be closely connected with the idea in the mind, as for instance, when saying "Tá mé fuar" one should vividly imagine the physical sensation of col d and try to feel as if one were really cold. DO not go on to a new phrase or sentence until the previous one has been thoroughly mastered, as a number of sentences only half-learned are so much lumber to the brain and after a little time confuse the learner and have a most discouraging effect.

The student should take every opportunity of testing his knowledge and accuracy of pronunciation by conversing with Irish speakers. He will thus be greatly encourged, and will so feel that he is making real progress.

M. Ní Cheallacháin.

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as in English


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