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Book I



Irish at Home


NB— The form in round brackets ( ) throughout ths book is that used in Munster, the Ulster and Connacht dialects being very much the same. Where there is a marked difference I give the Ulster form as well, marked (U).

1. Go mbeannuidhid Dia dhuit 1 [dhíbh 2 plural] guh many djee-a (dee-a) ghuitch (ghuit) [yeev] May God Bless You.
2. Dia 's Muire dhuit [dhíbh, plural] djee-iss (dee-is) mwirrah ghuitch (ghuit) [yeev] May God and Mary be with you
1. (Dia's Muire dhuit) (dee-iss mwirrah ghuit) ditto
2. (Dia's Muire dhuit is Pádraig) (dee-iss mwirrah ghuit iss pawdhrig) May God and Mary and St. Patrick bless you.
1. Céad míle fáilte. kaedh meelah fawl-tcheh (fawl-teh) A hundred thousand welcomes
2. Go mairidh tú (sibh, plural) guh mwor-reh thoo [shiv] May you live [response to welcome]
1. Slán agat [agaibh, plural]

slawn og'-guth (og-guth') [og'gee (og-giv')]

2. Beannacht Dé leat [libh] agus slán abhaile. bann'-ochth (bann-ochth') djae (dae) lath [liv] oggus slawn awolleh 3 (avolleh) The blessings of God with you and safe home.
1. Go dtugaidh Dia oidhche mhaith dhuit [dibh] guh dhug-ah djee-a (dee-a) ee-ah woh ghuitch (ghuit) [yeev] May God give you a good night (goodnight, going to bed)
2. Go mba h-amhlaidh dhuit (Gurab amhlaidh dhuit) [dhibh] guh muh how-lah ghuitch (gurab owlig ghuit) [yeev] The same to you.
1. Codladh sámh duit [dhíbh] kullah sawv dhuitch (dhuit) [dheev] Sound sleep to you
1. Saoghal fada chugat [chugaibh] see-ul (sea-ul) fo/dha hug-gath (hooth) [hug-giv (hoo-iv)] Long life to you.

1. Used as a salutation at any time of the day. No.2 is the reply to No. 1
2. See page 10
3. Liquid "ll" as "ll" in "brilliant".


note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English


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