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Book I



1. go mbeannuighidh Dia annseo (annso) or Bail ó Dia annseo (annso) guh many djee-uh (dee-a) an-shuh' (an-suh').
boll 1 o/ yee-a an-shuh' (an-suh')
God bless all here. (said when entering a house)
2. Dia 's Muire dhuit [dhíbh] djee-iss (dee-iss) mwirrah ghuitch (ghuit) [yeev] God and Mary bless you
1. Bail ó Dhia ortr [orraibh] boll 1 o/ yee-a urth [ur-ee (urriv)] God bless you
2. Go mba h-amhlaidh dhuit (Gurab amhlaidh dhuit) [dhibh] guh muh how-lah ghuitch (gurab owlig ghuit) [yeev] The same to you
1. Dia linn djee-a ling (dee-a ling) God bless us (said after sneezing)
1. Go mba seacht fearr a bheidheas tú (bheir) - bliadhain ó indiu [a bheidheas sibh]
guh muh shochth faar a vess thoo (a ver) - blee-un o/ in-yuh' (in-yuv') [a vess shiv]
May you be seven times better - this time twelvemonths
1, Go méadhuighidh Dia do [bhúr] stór. guh mae-dhee djee-a (dee-a) dhu [voor] stho/r May God increase your store.
1. Go gcuiridh Dia ar bhealach do leasa thú [bhúr leasa sibh]

guh gur-reh djee-a (dee-a) err val'-uch (val-och') dhu lassa hoo [voor lassa shiv]

May God direct you
1.Go n-eirighidh an t-ádh leat [libh]

guh ni/r-ee un thaw lath [liv]

May you be lucky (may the luck thrive with you)
1. Go bhfágaidh Dia an tsláinte agat [agaibh] guy waw-gah (vaw-gah) djee-a (dee-a) un thlawn-tcheh (thlawn-teh) og'-guth (og-guth') [og'-giv (og-giv')] God spare you the health
1. Go dtugaidh Dia ciall duit [dibh] guh dhug-gah djee-a (dee-a) kee-ul dhuitch (dhuit) [dheev] May God give you sense.
1. Go gcúitighidh Dia thú [sibh] guh gooitch-ee djee-a hoo [shiv] God reward you
1. Go ngóthuighidh Dia dhuit [dhíbh] guh ngno/hee djee-a ghuitch (yeev) God speed you
1, Go luathaidh Dia leat [libh] guh loo-hee djee-a lath [liv] God speed you
1. Flaitheas Dé dod' anam [do bhúr n-anammaibh] flo/h-uss djae (dae) dudh on'-um [dhu voor non'-umna] Heaven to your soul [to your souls]

1. Liquid "ll" as "ll" in "brilliant"
2. Said when praising a person or when addresing a person working or driving cattle.

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English


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