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Book I







1 aon aen, or een
2 dó, dá 1 dho, dhaw
3 trí three
4 ceathair, ceithre 2 kaher, kehre
5 cúig koo-ig
6 shae
7 seacht shochth
8 ocht uchth
9 naoi nu/-ee 2 (nae)
10 deich djeh (deh)
11 aon déag aen djaeg (deag)
12 dó dhéag dho/ yeag
13 trí déag three djaeg (deag)
14 ceathair déag kaher djaeg (deag)
15 súig déag koo-ig djaeg (deag)
16 sé déag shae djaeg (deag)
17 seacht déag shochth djaeg (deag)
18 ocht déag uchth djaeg (daeg)
19 naoi déag nu/-ee 2 (nae) djaeg (daeg)
20 fiche fiheh
21 aon is fiche aen iss fiheh
22 dó is fiche dho/ iss fiheh
30 deich is fiche djeh (deh) iss fiheh (ten and twenty)
31 aon déag is fiche aen djaeg iss fiheh
32 Dó dhéag is fiche dho/ yeag iss fiheh
40 Dá fhichid dhaw eeudh (dhaw-idh)
41 aon is dá fhichid aen iss dhaw eeudh
42 dó is dá fhichid dho/ iss dhaw eeudh
50 deich is dá fhichid djeh iss dhaw eeudh
51 aon déag is dá fhichid aen/ iss dhaw eeudh
52 dó dhéag is dá fhichid dho/ iss dhaw eeudh
60 Trí fichid three feeudh
61 aon is trí fichid aen iss three feeudh
62 dó is trí fichid dho/ is three feeudh
70 Deich is trú fichid djeh iss three feeudh
71 aon déag is trí fichid aen fjaeg iss three feeudh
72 dó dhéag is trú fichid dho/ yaeg iss three feeudh
80 ceithre fichid kehre feeudh
81 aon is ceithre fichis aen iss kehre feeudh
82 dó is ceithre fichid dho/ iss kehre feeudh
90 Deich is ceithre fichis djeh is kehre feeudh
91 aon déag is ceithre fichid aen fjaeg iss kehre feeudh
92 dó dhéag is ceithre fichid dho/ yeag iss kehre feeudh
100 céad kaedh
103 céad is trí kaedh is three
200 Dhá chéad ghaw khaedh
300 trí céad three kaedh
400 ceithre céad kehre kaedh
700 seacht gcéad shochth gaedh

1. When a noun is expressed dá and ceithre must be used, instead of dó and ceathair
2. Pronounce u/ very short and run it into the next vowel

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English


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