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Books Books Books!!

My favorite part of trip planning is the unrestrained book-buying! Oh, I'm sure that some people buy one or two guidebooks and think that is enough.

This definitely does not describe me!

Our trip to Scotland resulted in something like five feet of books -- from the travel guides to the history books to the coffee-table picture books to reference books. I can't believe that Egypt is going to be any less of a book-frenzy. Even a cursory check of has thousands of books referencing Egypt. I get kind of light-headed just thinking about it. Bibliophile, me?

Knowing that my husband and I are actually going to have to move because we've run our of space for books, it should be no surprise that I have a fairly sizeable library of travel books by now.

Everyone has their favorites, of course. For each book I bought, I've included a short description of the book and a quick review of its usefulness (to me, at least) is included. It's important to remember that while major information (sites, history, etc) doesn't often change, prices and recommendations change frequently. It's important that you have the latest version of the guide if you are relying on it for cost or opening hours information.

I've tried to break down the books into a few categories:

Links on the left will route you through this section of the site.

By the way, I've included a link to order the books from Amazon on each page, if you're interested. You won't get any special deals, but if you want to buy the books listed from Amazon, I'd appreciate it if you went through the link there -- I get a few pennies to bank against bandwidth charges. Thanks!

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