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More photos than you can shake stick at, or, Digital Rules!

I always assume that this is the part of the site that people gravitate towards (or at least that's what my bandwidth usage seems to imply!).

For our last trip, we had a film camera, a nice Minolta. We took 1100 pictures in three weeks. That was with film. With digital, we took 3600 pictures in three and a half weeks. Perhaps we were a wee bit too excited about the digital camera...

(For anyone who's interested, the technical details of the photos, etc, can be found here)

So, I've winnowed them down to a (hopefully) reasonable number so you can have a well-illustrated tour of our Egypt Trip. If you want to read through this in some sort of chronological order, you can link to all the sites and photos from the travelogue or itinerary.

Otherwise, you can start here by looking at the photos:

Photos by City
Photos by Major Site
Photos by Day

Alphabetical List (coming soon -- it's a big list!)

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