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Time for a confession. I actually have color flowcharts of possible itineraries for this trip. Charts and graphs. Spreadsheets to compare "time at a site" with "travel time" weighed against number of things to see and distance.

It's embarrassing. I collected boatloads of information off the web and travel brochures and starting comparing individual itineraries to see what we wanted to do. I ended up with a colossal Visio chart, complete with arrows and notations.

Why? This is much more structured than our previous trip. I'm not sure if that makes me more or less comfortable. Our biggest conflict traveling is that I do so much pre-planning that I am concerned about being "over-planned" on the trip and I tend to be even less organized that Mark is -- while he expects me to have things pretty much laid out.

Our itinerary is a very customized version of Ancient Adventures' Egypt in Depth II tour. Since we're doing private sightseeing through them, we can be very flexible. Still, I compared the multitude of options to come up with an itinerary that lets us see the maximum amount of stuff while avoiding AEO (Ancient Egypt Overload) and we wanted to just wander around and get a feel for a place.

I've included not only our itinerary (which is linked to the photos, travelogue, and other parts of the site), but also some itineraries for trips of varying lengths. Finally, I've included links to the major tour operators that I could find with interesting trips to Egypt, and the suggested itineraries from the pile of travel books I've collected.

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