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Globetrotter Travel Map

Usually, I buy a half-dozen maps, from country-level overviews to city maps and historical maps. I actually went through two maps in Scotland -- wore straight through the folds and had to buy a replacement map halfway through the trip.

Since we weren't going to drive anywhere on our own, I wasn't as concerned about having a good road map. But I did pick up this Globetrotter map since it covered the main roads, and also had details for the larger cities. Since it's a travel map - apparently specifically aimed at tourists -- it is notated with the major sites, while areas with few sites of interest are less detailed.

The roadmap was surprisingly accurate, considering the spate of road building in the desert, according to our guide. The city maps of Cairo are not detailed enough to consider setting out on your own, but the major bits are shown so you can get an idea of where you are.

This was a clearer map than the Lonely Planet Atlas, which is much more a geographical and topographical-type map. It's a fine line to find a useful map with points of interest well-marked and an accurate view of the landscape. This map does a pretty good job of both.

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