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Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling: Red Sea

One of the things we want to do while in Egypt is to dive in the Red Sea. From what I've read, the diving is unbelievable -- rivaling (or in some cases besting) reef diving anywhere in the world. There are a number of world-wide guides available for diving, and many that specialize in Red Sea diving. Lonely Planet publishes a series of guides on Diving and Snorkeling sites around the world that are clear, concise, and well worth a look as references.

The Red Sea guide covers all the major dive sites on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Sudan, and Yemen. Each site description covers the basics: depth, expertise level, and any unique or interesting features. Like all the Lonely Planet guides, this one is written in a down-to-earth style that is reassuringly familiar. Each site warrants a page or so, some with stunning photographs. There are a number of titles in this series of guides, if you want to dive any place else, too.

There's probably not enough information for a serious diver -- which I'm not -- since no maps or information about currents or other dangers is really included. However, I assume that locally available information has more comprehensive details.

A few details of traveling in the region are included, but the book does not purport to be a travel guide. Neither does it detail the dive shop and/or companies in the area (and there are a ton of dive shops in the Sharm-el-Sheik/Na'ama Bay and Dahab regions).

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