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Greco-Roman Museum, page 2

Many of the displays are devoted to the Greco-Roman god Serapis who was a weird fusion of the Osiris myth with the god Dionysus. He is shown as a bearded human, or as a huge bull. The statue of the granite bull in the museum was carved during the time of Hadrian. The Romans managed to keep all the old cults while blending them with their own religion.

a statue of the apis bull and part of a greco-roman frieze

It led to some really odd statues, both in the museum and some carvings in the Catacombs of Shouqafa -- including a bizarre Anubis in a roman tunic.

the odd mixture of roman and egyptian symbology

There are dozens of disembodied heads and busts in the museum, usually of the Ptolemies and Roman emperors. There is a huge headless porphyry (red stone) statue, which our guide told us was either a) a representation of Christ or b) Diocletian, who mean to exterminate the christians.

a damaged painted plaster fresco


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