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Northern Cemetary, City of the Dead

One of the most notable mausoleums in the Northern Cemetary is the Mausoleum of Sultan Al-Zahir Barquq. It was the first royal tomnb in the necropolis (as noted before, sultans were buried here for centuries). The mausoluem is a mosque in miniature (and indeed, is a working mosque for many of the people here) with four liwans and madrasses (schools) and the marble cenotaph of the Sultan.


Note that it pays to be careful in these areas, as the people living here do not want to be tourist attractions. It is not dangerous, but remember that these regions may be more conservative than others, and dress and act accordingly. It is suggested in more than one guide book that women have a male escort. In any case, do not stray far from the major tombs and mausoleums listed in the guidebooks.


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