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old kingdom
fourth dynasty
pharaoh sneferu
(2613 -- 2589)

220 m square
101 m high
43 º 40' angle



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Red Pyramid

the shallow slope is quite noticeable  the tiny inner passageway
the pyramid is quite shallow. The narrow passageway inside, covered in grafitti

It can be entered by a a passage in the north, and a steep passage leads to corbelled chambers and the burial chamber. The entrance is long and slightly claustrophobic (I discovered that pyramid brought out a previously unknown sense of panic in closed spaces) and opened into the first chamber, then through another small tunnel and to the second chamber, which contains a tall cedar scaffold leading to the entrance of the burial chamber.

the first chamber   scaffolding to the burial chamber
the first chamber, with a tiny passage to the seond and the scaffolding to the burial chamber.

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