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Temple of Hatshepsut

One the northern side are reliefs of Hatshepsut that have been defaced by Tuthmosis III, who attempted to erase al traces of the woman who usurped his throne for most of his life.

ON the second colonnade are the reliefs of Hatshepsut's famous trip to Punt. NO on is sure where Punt is, exactly, although modern belief is that it is Somalia. Egyptians traveled there to trade and find incense and myrrh. Some archeologists belive that the courtyard was intende as a hypostyle hall and was originally roofed over.


On the southern end of the courtyard is a Temple to Hathor, with impressive square columns with Hathor heads. Hathor is shown a human and as a cow. THe temple is very damaged, since Tuthmosis tried to erase Hatshepsut and later Akhenaton tried to erase Amun.

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chapel of hathor

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