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Tomb of Ramesses III


THe style of the tomb is typical -- a long, slighly offset corridors. The main shaft of the tomb was suppposed to be straight -- but the workmen ran into the chambers of Amenemesses' tomb and had to change the angle to avoid it. Up to this point, the tomb was built for Setnakht (the first ruler of the 20th Dynasty). Ramesses III continued the work after taking a short detour to avoid the other tomb.

A third corridor leads to the ritual shaft and a four-pillared hall. beyond that is another corridor and the burial chamber. The burial chamber has small rooms off each corner and a long narrow corridor from the rear.

At the entrance are two hathor-headed coloumns, unique to the Valleyof the Kings. Very little equipment was found in the tomb, as it had been robbed many times in antiquities. SInce the tomb is quite damaged, most of the deeper chambers are not open to tourists. Only part of the tomb is lit, as well -- bring a flashlight.



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