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Tomb of Seti II

THe burial chamber was probably originally 8intended as a corridor and was only enlarged when Seti II died beforethe tomb wasfinished. The mummy of the king was found in the cache in KV 35, and only the sarcophagus lid remains in the tomb.

Throughout the tomb, the name of Seti II was carved, erased, then carved again in the tomb. His name was probably restored byhis wife Tausret after it was usurped or defaced after his death.

Not much funerary equipment was found, and the body of Seti II was rmeoved to the cache in KV35. Fragment sof the red sarcophagus lid remain. Nut stretches across the inside of the lid. It is the smallest of the sarcophagi found in the Valley, it is assumed to be an “inner” sarcophagus meant to nest inside another, larger one.


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