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Thutmose III
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Tomb of Thutmoses III

The burial chamber is cartouche-shaped, with brightly colored decorations at the ceiling level and more of the stick-figures on the walls on a yellow background. The ceiling is painted dark blue with stars, to mimic the starry sky. The decorations are mean to look like a long, unrolled papyrus roll -- even to the point of being colored the pale yellow of a scroll.

Insiede the large granite sarcophagus is a carving of Mut as she creates the universe. His mummy was not found here, of course, it was found in one of the roayl caches and is now in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. Tomb robbers left the red granite sarcophagus in place, but most egyptologists believe that this sarcophagus was surrounded by the same kinds of shrines that were found in King Tut's tomb -- there is certainly enough space!


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