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Temple of Edfu


There is a small festival hall, followed by a courtyard. The hall of offerings has a stairway that leads up to the roof, where the priests would go to perform the cereminotes -- remember that people weren't allowed into the depths of the temple, only inot the courtyard. Only priests and acolytes could enter the inner courtyards, and only teh high priest could enter the sanctuary of the god Horus.

The sanctuary is a collection of 10 smaller chambers, almost a small temple itself, surrounding the barque santuary.

Back outside is a narrow corridor between the inner and outer walls, decorated with reliefs of Horus and Seth, and leading to the nilometer near the rear.

One note - the horses here in Edfu were among the worst we had seen in Egypt. Try not to patronize caleche drivers with emaciated or sick horses.





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